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Please send us a review or your comments about your massage at Chaba, taking pride in delivering world-class service to our customers. 

The folowing 'testimonials' are some recent reviews and comments by Chaba customers., and you can add your own by e-mail at We welcome your positive thoughts!




"I had never had a massage before but after a really grueling commercial shoot, I was beyond sore. My boyfriend suggested we both go get massages. We found this place near us and saw there were good reviews on yelp. We were not led astray. The place was clean and relaxing. The massage therapists were amazing. We got deep tissue massages and I loved it! I definitely recommend Chaba and the prices are unbeatable. Especially for the LA area." - Dawn M



"All in all, Chaba is a very good value for their service!Best massage in LA that I have had so far at least from Rita and Tina. I prefer a more deep tissue massage and they both do an amazing job so would specifically recommend them. Do yourself a favor and try it at least once. It's not a day spa so don't look for any extras along those lines. I am a regular here. I have done a good job of making massage a priority in my life for what it's worth in terms of my opinion here. :)" - kaelnelson




"I come as often as I can but wish I could come more I love this place. Everyone is truly focused on healing - in a real way. All of the massage therapists have worked out not only the knots, kinks and aches that I have told them about, but all of the other tightness they found in my body. My massage was excellent, and it helped me roll away the stress that was accumulating in my neck and back. I had a great time there. If you are looking for a great and unique gift to give someone this holiday season (or any season for that matter), I highly recommend getting a gift card to Chaba spa. The atmosphere is completely relaxing but not over the top, and everything about this establishment is thoughtful and welcoming." - kaidacar450



"Affordable, Highly Skilled, Great Service, LOVE the Atmosphere I'm getting married and really needed a stress reliever. My sister and one of my bridesmaid surprised me with a massage and a facial. It was amazing. I felt so relaxed and comfortable. I didn't expect the massage to be so hard but it felt so good. It worked. The facial was really good too!!

I highly recommend this place if you are looking for a reasonable priced, great massage with no frills. There are no steam rooms etc., but there is a shower and the staff are can ask for a "firmer" massage or a "softer" massage. it's probably one of the best values out there.

I'm gonna continue coming to this place." - 

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