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Skin Treatments


Chaba Thai spa’s Skincare Services by an experienced and licensed Esthteician with excellent work habits and commitment to customer care and satisfaction.

Special Back Skin Treatment

Designed to eliminate any minor or major break outs. This relaxing treatment starts with steaming and deep cleansing, followed by acupressure massage and extraction.  The appropriate mask will be applied to reduce breakouts and calm the skin after treatment.

60 minutes $120

Acne Treatment

Starts with deep cleansing and skin analysis to determine correct products for your skin. Apply disincrustation to prepare and soften your skin for extractions. Perform exfoliation and extraction.   Moisturize with iontophoresis, deeply penetrating the dermis and rebalancing the skin’s pH for maximum benefit.  Apply clay mask for treatment of acne.  Finish with healing essence and moisturizer for acne type.   To get the best results, return after   treatment to receive pumpkin peel treatment. 

60 minutes $99

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